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WATCH Ethics & Service Values


WATCH Resources Inc. applies the following standards and values to all of the activities and actions of its staff, board of directors and volunteers. Violations of these standards should be reported to the Executive Director or Board President. They will be fully investigated and subject to established disciplinary action.




All people are entitled to select the direction of their lives

and to know that their interests and desires are valuable.


Community Integration

Through mutual respect and participation the lives of people

with disabilities are united with all aspects of the community.



People with intellectual disabilities are empowered

to speak for themselves in all matters.


Individual Dignity

Each individual’s sense of importance and self-worth

will be acknowledged and honored at WATCH.



Confidentiality - In the course of our work supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities we often learn private or personal information about consumers, their families, volunteers, staff and our agency. WATCH safeguards and respects the privacy of this information. All regulations regarding confidentiality will be upheld.



Accountability – Accountability is based on personal responsibility. Each of us demonstrates this by meeting our obligations with integrity, dependability, and commitment. We will meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations in our day-to-day operations. Services will be provided at the highest level of excellence. 



Respect - WATCH is respectful of everyone and demonstrates this by honoring the uniqueness of each person and treating them with courtesy, esteem, attention and tolerance.



Fairness – WATCH promotes the ideals of justice and impartiality while providing equal treatment and equal opportunity to all stakeholders.



Integrity - Personally and as an agency WATCH will adhere to the entire code of Ethical Standards and Service Values in all situations.



Truthfulness - All WATCH communications and actions are conducted in the most honest, sincere and trustworthy manner.


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